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Earth data, lightning fast.


Every day, orbiting satellites, on-the-ground sensors and climate models generate massive amounts of data about our changing planet.

At Haizea, we connect you to this wealth of information, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that benefit your business and the environment. 

We understand the transformative power of Earth data, and see its potential to revolutionise the work you do. 


terrak.io—the data you need in a platform you’ll love.

Data is only as powerful as the tool you use to interpret it—that’s where terrak.io comes in. Our beginner-friendly platform harnesses the power of cloud services and AI to bring you clear, compelling insights at lightning speeds.

With terrak.io, you can explore and query massive geospatial datasets—from paddock-sized investigations to global data explorations—to generate interactive maps, reports and data feeds on-the-fly. 

terrak.io puts insights at your fingertips by integrating seamlessly with existing business systems and workflows, fostering collaboration and building data-confidence and curiosity in your team. 

About terrak.io

  • Lets you analyse huge geospatial datasets—from satellite images to climate models and more—in real-time for an interactive and dynamic data experience
  • Combines data from satellites that revisit the same areas frequently with those that take ultra-high resolution images, giving you the sharpest view in both space and time 
  • Provides unparalleled access to current and historic Earth data—from temperature, wind and precipitation to carbon content, crop yields and water content—to visualise our changing planet over time, from metre scale to the globe
  • Operates when and where you need it from a reliable cloud-based backend system 
  • Flexibly combines datasets to generate new insights without the need for massive storage space
  • Generates compelling and attractive maps and reports to share with clients and collaborators
  • Fits seamlessly with your existing workflows and web applications

Clients and Solutions

Whatever you need, we’re with you.

Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why Haizea works directly with end-users to custom-create solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. 

If you’re new to Earth analytics, Haizea will help you on your way—identifying relevant datasets and empowering you to explore and apply them. If you already know what you need, BYO data and see how Haizea’s state-of-the-art platform generates new insights, speeds and efficiencies. 

Whatever your business, Haizea will work with you to write an exciting new chapter in your data story. 

Haizea brings data expertise to:

Agriculture and Forestry

Map and track your land.

Map and track weather, water, biomass and environmental conditions across your property to inform smart use of land and water resources and gain better yields—season after season. 


Always your best A to B.

Understand and predict weather impacts and other barriers, driving efficiency in your supply chains and insulating yourself against the winds of fate.






Get the most from renewables.

Plan energy generation and consumption across your grid based on real-time and predicted weather variables.


Know the past, anticipate the future.

Access unparalleled historic and contemporary data on flood, fire and natural disaster risks to support environmentally-informed insurance policies that you and your customers can count on.


Make data-informed decisions and policies.

Rely on up-to-date and historic information about the climate, land, water and the environment to create compelling and defensible reports and policies.  





Who We Are

We're experts in data access, processing, analysis and visualisation, and believe in the capacity for Earth observation and modelling data to change the world for the better.

Haizea Analytics was born in Canberra, Australia. As a growing business, we’re passionate about creating tools that help others understand the world around us and succeed in their own entrepreneurial endeavours.